Congolese Rumba is "boomerang-music". When the Europeans started to bring their recordplayers to the Congo, they sometimes imported Cuban music. To their astonishment the Congolese heard music that they could relate to without understanding a word the of the Spanish lyrics. As is the Congolese way, they quickly incorporated the Cuban music in their own style and sung in their own languages like Lingala. Thus was born the Congolese Rumba.
Congolese Rumba quickly became the main musical style in Congo and especially Kinshasa where Franco Luambo Makiadi reigned with his "Tout Puissant Orchestre Kinois" (or TPOK Jazz). This band became a fountain of musical talent. 82 musicians in all transited through the TPOK. Including todays Congolese megastar Kofi Olomide, and seasoned musicians like Papa Noel, Dizzy Mandjeku or Mose Fan Fan. 
 Santiago de Congo
when Cuban Son meets Congolese  Rumba!