Santiago de Cuba is the birthplace of Cuban Son and many of famous musicians come from that area, including Rey Cabrera andguitarists like Eliades Ochoa (Cuarteto Patria and Buena Vista Social Club). Rey is the bandleader of the Cuban half of SANTIAGO DE CONGO. The band's name is a wordplay with the name of Rey's city and the country of Dizzy Mandjeku : the Congo!  
Dizzy also has an impressive pedigree in Congolese music. He was once part of the TPOK Jazz and continued with the band after the death of its grandmaster Franco. Dizzy then went on to Europe where was the guitarist of the Belgian group Zap Mama of Marie Daulne. Dizzy continues to play and tour the world.
SANTIAGO DE CONGO is the wonderful result of mixing both faboulous music styles, performed by two great masters and their bandmembers. 
 Santiago de Congo
when Cuban Son meets Congolese  Rumba!